This app’s is in development now, i started this project to debug some IAA misunderstanding in Self-a-Fuzz and now wants to make from it boilerplate for musical effect application with libPd on iOS. As noise generator it can be used to noise cancellation and concentration booster. It would be have similar to SaF Mutonic and Filters, but different. This is means that some distortion abilities is planned. I don’t know what we get here, as my apps is evolving in process and may different from the initial plan. But i try to follow blueprint this time :)

Desired features:

  • libPd
  • Cyclone for libPd
  • Audiobus And Inter-app audio
  • Presets with Core Data
  • MIDI with MidiBus
  • Recording
  • White/Pink noise-generator
  • VCF and Bypass filters
  • Modulation/blending/mixing Mutonic like in SaF

I hope make here little tutorial of how to make this app and post all sources to GitHub when it reaches v 1.0