Self-a-Fuzz 1.0.4 update live in Appstore.

Only one new thing in SaF – Mutonic have default blending. Until this update you needed to have something selected in Settings, but now there is default one, very similar to “1”, but softer if we can say so after all.
You still need to feed some input into effect to hear it.
Soon I’ll post new video on YT with 1.0.4 to demonstrate Mutonic and table oscillator at work.
Stay connected ;)


Deregulator in “iced donuts” style fantasy mockup.

Imagine how Deregulator may look like in style of my other apps. Donut shaped knobs, randomisers with 3-buttons instead of double sliders. Just very raw mockup fantasy.

2 differences from v2 here:
– “Clean” named “Wet” because Echo/Delay and module have their own wet balance.
– Added real “Clean” right before “Output”.