Ashshaosh – one of the СКЕК workshop’s projects, named after ancient spiritually advanced shaman from mythes of Ural. Just kidding, this name fall on me not so long times ago, on one of the boring lections when i started to write my own fairy tales to entertain myself.

This site is about my projects. Mostly musical apps for iOS. Here you’ll find descriptions, instructions and reviews for Deregulator – my echo based effect, Self-a-Fuzz – dirtiest distortion ever and ZhSh – mutated part of SaF to bring understanding to essential “how to’s” of musical apps development with libPd on iOS.

I’m not a blogger and don’t wait from me regular posts and life-sharing performance. I’m sociopathic person and all this also is tryouts to socialize and share to the world something that have value for me.

From 2012 i’m the custodian of arts collection done by my family. Sculpture, enamel and graphic works. Some kind of exhibition you’ll find on СКЕК site. Its in Russian language and in endless development as its also my playground, but materials are available, welcome.

This site is inevitably contains some errors – feel free to contact me if you have questions or thoughts i should know about. This would be helpful for resource evolution.